Student Testimonials

Prathujay, from Bhopal, India

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Post Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Administration  (Class of 2019)

I would like to begin by expressing my deepest gratitude for Ms. Rupal Mehta and the team at Switzer Hospitality Education. As my counselor, Ms. Rupal Mehta has been exceptionally supportive and encouraging. Her valuable advice and guidance right from the day one of my application to the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, has helped me realize my dream of studying at one of the most prestigious schools in hospitality sector.

If there was any hurdle on the way, she had always had the answer. I even owe my successful visa application to her, because if it was not for her step-by- step guidance with the procedure, I am sure I would have struggled a lot in securing the visa with such ease. Therefore, I would highly recommend Switzer Hospitality Education to anyone wanting to give wings to their dreams.

Shalini, from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management (Class of 2021)

Applying to Les Roches was an absolute breeze because I had a helping hand through-out the entire process. From the moment I downloaded the brochure to when I finalized my documents, the representatives from Les Roches were right by my side aiding me with everything, answering all my questions, and guiding me through the application process. This was incredibly helpful. They also came down to meet me and explained everything about the school, clearing my doubts and ensuring I had everything I needed to apply. I owe the representatives a huge debt of gratitude, namely Mr. Dhuri, who was always there when I needed help.

Advait, from Kathmandu, Nepal

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management (Class of 2021)

Les Roches was always a “dream-school” for me. The journey of getting into Les Roches started last year (2016) around October, where my academic counsellor introduced me to Mr.Krishna Dhuri, a very generous education counsellor.

The journey has been very convenient due to the maximum help by Mr. Dhuri. The interactive communication between me and Mr. Dhuri has helped me a lot from the starting to the end. From the application to the visa process everything becomes extremely convenient.

Personally, I cannot thank you enough. I would never hesitate to contact Swiss Hospitality Education for further assistance if required.

Sarthak, from Mumbai, India

Kendall College, USA

Associate Degree in Culinary Arts (Class of 2019)

Walking in, on the first day to meet the Switzer Hospitality team, I was lacking confidence and misinformed, but that all changed after the very first meeting. In a week from the first meeting, I was working in a professional kitchen. Ms. Harriet Coutinho and Ms. Mitali Rawool have been extremely helpful and cooperative. The help that I received from them made the application process, easy, smooth and efficient, for the institutes and the visa as well. At various times, during meetings, I have been prepared thoroughly about various aspects of the institution, while also preparing me for various challenges that I will face in a life, far away from home. Switzer also organized a hospitality workshop recently at CRAFT, Mumbai, that focused on a three course Italian meal, and various types of eateries. The workshop was amazing, and helped me gain even more knowledge of the kitchen.

Prarthana, from Bangalore, India

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (Class of 2019)

Your constant support kept me motivated. Mr. Dhuri, thank you for your time, effort and definitely guidance through the admission and visa process. It was great working with you.

Keerthan, from Bangalore, India

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Master of Business Administration (Class of 2018)

I had a dream to study in one of the World’s greatest Hospitality schools – Les Roches and from there, grow as professional in my field of specialisation. Since I was sure of the school, the next step was the toughest, ‘Where do I start?’ As I aimlessly typed in a mail to Switzer Hospitality, with not much to expect in return, I expressed my desire to study further. A prompt response from Education Counselor, Mr. Krishna Dhuri triggered a rather effortless process following my admission into Les Roches, and since then it has been one smooth ride. From helping my sister and me with the most tedious tasks of school and visa applications, to answering the most basic of questions, and from setting up meetings with counselors on request, in order to clarify doubts of our new life that we will be starting off in Alpine Country, the team at Switzer Hospitality has left no stone unturned. I would like to thank the team for their continued support and patience they have exhibited. Kudos! I start my MBA this July and Switzer Hospitality played a major role in making this possible.

Ananya, from Jaipur, India

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Master of Science in Hospitality Leadership (Class of 2017)

Miss. Mehta had been very informative and encouraging since our initial communication days; whether I had basic questions about courses and accommodation or just heart to heart advice about hospitality courses in general, she was genuine in guiding me throughout my application process. Generally speaking, admission advisors would only follow up with students until the successful acceptance from the institution. She, on the other hand, made sure that my visa formalities and campus accommodation selection was completed without any difficulties as well. In the meantime, Miss. Mehta also prepared me about what to expect from the institution, the kind of people I would come across and how I could make the most out of my experience at Les Roches.

Kshitish, from Pune, India

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia

Master Degree in Hotel & Resort Management (Class of 2017)

I remember the first day I spoke to Ms Harriet. She instantly came across as a polite, well-spoken and a humble human being. She guided me very efficiently and smoothly through the entire process. I never had to go through any tedious processes. She is also very understanding and prompt in her work. She was always there for me whenever I had any queries and she answered all of them very effectively. I would like to extend a very sincere thanks to Ms. Harriet for guiding me through the entire process very smoothly.