Switzer Hospitality offers a thorough Masters Admissions Counseling Program for candidates that want to pursue a Masters Degree or Post Graduate Program in Hospitality Management, in any country of their choice.

This is the right program for you, if you are in one of the following scenarios:

  • You are currently pursuing a Hospitality Management / Hotel Management / Culinary Arts program at the undergrad level
  • You are currently pursuing an Undergrad program in another stream (e.g. Commerce, Arts, Science, Engineering, etc.
  • You are working in the hospitality industry and want to boost your career by opting for a Masters degree
  • You are working in another industry. You want to change your career and are looking for a suitable Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts program.

Our experienced team of education counselors have worked with candidates from a variety of backgrounds. We have dealt with all the scenarios listed above. As a company we focus exclusively on the Hospitality vertical.

We focus on sectors like Hotel & Resort Management, Spa Management, Culinary Arts, Sports & Entertainment Management, Event Management, Luxury Brand Management, Hospitality Management and Travel & Tourism Management.

Our team has travelled extensively and visited hospitality institutes in India, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Spain and UK. We have helped 350+ students secure admissions in Masters and Postgrad programs in some of the leading hospitality schools globally.

Our Approach

Step 1: Goal Assessment
For every student we have a pre-counseling session where we chart out the key goals and outcomes that you are looking for as a candidate. At this stage, many students share their preferred location(s).

Step 2: University Selection
Based on your strengths and career goals, we shortlist a few universities /schools for you. We consider factors like academic record and accreditation, placement rate, location, student life, financial aid opportunities and other factors that may be important for you personally.
Whether you want to go abroad or wish to stay in India, we make sure you have a list of feasible options to choose from.

Step 3: Application Guidance
Part of our counseling program is to guide you through the entire application process.

– Expert guidance on the online/offline application process
– Tips on how to write a stellar SOP (Statement of Purpose)
– Interacting with parents (sponsors) for financial planning
– Preparing financial and application documents

Step 4: Visa Guidance (applicable for students going aboard)
We assist you with your visa documents and application and conduct mock interviews to help you prepare for your main visa interview.

Step 5: Pre-Program Preparation
This step may differ based on the unique needs of individual candidates. It would usually include a short duration course for a soft skill or a foreign language or English Language. One session is dedicated to life skills and tips & tricks that will come handy when you start your course.

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