The Oxford Dictionary defines an Idea as, a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. This very definition, forms the ground for every innovation ever witnessed my mankind; right from our stone age ancestors to the present-day generation. But is it just an idea that takes you forward? Experience, experimentation and mentoring are a necessity too. Kendall College, Chicago, is doing just this with the launch of the Business Incubator.

The Kendall College Incubator is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people. The design of the incubator nurtures new and small businesses, by helping them to survive and grow. The early stages of business development can be difficult and vulnerable. It assists Baking and Pastry, Business, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students, and Alumni, realize their dream of owning their own business.

There is a certain pattern that one can observe in the hospitality industry. Individuals employed in various departments of hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes, over a period of time, go ahead and form their own ventures. They may have oodles of knowledge to work things out positively for themselves. The factor of experience gets covered, but experimentation and mentoring are still required.

In the initial stages of a business, one should definitely have a solid plan. However, room for experimentation is always required. Questions like – what works better and what doesn’t, will be answered. Changes accordingly will have to be made. What should be included in the menu and what should be eliminated, due to a lack of response from customers, is another example. This is in terms of food and menu. There are various other intricate details that go into running a successful hospitality business. What works for another restaurant may not work for you.

At this stage, mentoring comes into picture. People who have been or are in the hospitality business, either as hospitality consultants or business owners themselves, can guide you. They have those crucial titbits of knowledge that can prove helpful for a business, to grow and succeed.

Kendall College is considered as the best hospitality management and culinary arts school in Chicago. The launch of a Business Incubator is an amazing move; it will enable students to nurture their ideas and help them reach fruition. With the launch of the Incubator at Kendall, the college re-affirms its credibility and enthusiasm towards its students. Imbibing knowledge and rendering immense help, even after the students have passed out of college, should be the goal of every academic entity.

Looks like Kendall College, Chicago, United States, is setting a benchmark for other academic institutes. Wonder what it comes up with next? Any Idea?

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Post contributed by Vinny Ahluwalia & Amit Ahuja.

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