At Switzer Hospitality Education (Switzer), we are a world-class counseling authority on Global & Local Hospitality Education. We focus primarily on the Hospitality and Event management sector and offer a dynamic program of guidance and counsel that best suits our student’s profile.

– We have a team of experts. Our education counselors only work with candidates who want to pursue hospitality management. – We help students and candidates understand whether Hospitality is the right industry / career choice for them. – We offer test prep services for NCHMCT JEE and IELTS; relevant entrance tests for hotel management programs in India and abroad – We offer admission counseling programs for students at the undergraduate level and masters level.

Some of our key focus areas at Switzer are making sure we find the right school to fit the appropriate student. We also focus on optimizing the opportunities a student might imagine within hospitality whilst also widening his or her horizon within the existing opening. Additionally, we assist all our students with visa procedures, travel, courses and prepare them for ‘the’ university experience. With an emphasis on hospitality education, a student is provided a chance to appreciate the diversity of the profession and help the parents foresee the industry beyond hotel and restaurant operations.

We welcome you to connect with us and undertake the journey for a fulfilling educational experience leading to a successful professional or entrepreneurial career in our dynamic and exciting hospitality industry!